Supporting those who support our campaign

Our fantastic digital sponsors support our campaign to return speedway to Thurrock. To learn more about how we can promote your business or brand as we continue our campaign, please get in touch for a chat.

KAPOW! Your Super Business Coach

“I’m a passionate fan of motorsport, & have been pretty much all my life and when offered a chance to support Thurrock Hammers in their campaign to return speedway to Thurrock, I knew I wanted to get involved.

Just to be clear – I live nowhere near Thurrock, but I know the impact that sport can have on a community, and not just for those who love & follow the sport, but all the businesses that also support sport in the community.  

Becoming a digital sponsor of Thurrock Hammers was a practical way for me to help them with their campaign that went further than simply signing the petition.  It allowed me to contribute in a way that benefitted them, and also benefited my business by promoting it to an audience of fellow motorsport enthusiasts in another part of the UK. 

This forward thinking approach by Thurrock Hammers just shows the commitment of Mark Sexton & his team to making this happen, and I am thrilled at the recent announcement that justifies all their hard work to this point.” 

Sheena Whyatt

KAPOW! Your Super Business Coach

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