Hammers feature in Speedway Star

We are delighted to be included in this week’s Speedway Star long form article about defunct tracks and would like to thank Peter Oakes and his colleagues for their interest in our campaign to see speedway return to Thurrock. 

In November 2021 and as part of our engagement with the Thurrock community, we produced a special video presentation aimed specifically at all 49 Ward councillors to explain our position and proposed solutions. We are delighted that, following our video, all 42 Councillors who were present at the Council Meeting on 25 January 2023 voted in favour of the resolution supporting the retention of Speedway in Thurrock.

By way of a further update and undoubtedly as a consequence of the Council’s recent decision, Mark Sexton and Brian Connolly had an online meeting with a member of Thurrock Council’s Local Plan development team on Monday 13th March to discuss the opportunities that now exist and we will provide further updates in due course.”

To view the presentation, please click here

Image Credit: TGS Photo