Hammers End of Season Update

As we have reached the end of another speedway season, it’s time to reflect on the year just past and bring everyone up to date with our campaign.

In terms of on track action, 2022 got off to a cracking start with the Hammers back on track in the latest running of the Tunnel Trophy against the Kent Royals. In a really competitive meeting, we took the home team to a last heat decider before our good friends and erstwhile Hammers Ben Morley and Alfie Bowtell snatched a match defining 5-1 for the Royals.

Unfortunately, and despite our best efforts to race another fixture at Lydd later in season, the Tunnel Trophy meeting was the only chance to race an official fixture this year but we were  absolutely delighted to witness the success that every one of our Tunnel Trophy Hammers had throughout the season.

Off track, we have continued the often painstaking work that’s needed to progress our campaign.

We have continued to build on our existing commercial relationships by engaging with a wide range of new businesses including with chartered architects and stadium designers.

Based on Council policies, we are confident that our strategy is viable and our plans achievable as Mark explains in the update video below.

We aim to provide more frequent updates, including answering any questions Hammers fans send through either via our contact form, or via our social media channels.

We also have plans to hold a social event early in 2023 – further details to follow.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support.

Image credit: Rafal Wlosek

Up the Hammers!

Mark, Ian and Russ