Eastbourne Seagulls MSDL Team
Eastbourne Seagulls MSDL Team
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Thurrock Hammers Ltd will be sponsoring the Eastbourne HG Aerospace Eagles Midland and Southern Development League team, The Eastbourne Seagulls 2020/21. Along with maintaining an on track presence in 2020/21, supporting The Seagulls maintains our ethos pf helping both young and British riders gain invaluable, competitive track time. To learn about Sponsorship opportunities, please click here.

Meet The Seagulls Squad

James Jessop

Image credit Ian Bush

Cesca Wright

Image Credit: Jim West Photography

Nick Laurence

Image Credit: Tiffani Graveling Photography

Eli Meadows

Image Credit: HMX images Haggis Hartman

James Laker

Image Credit: Odd Shots (Geoff Young)

Josh Warren

Image Credit: Jeff Higgott

We will be announcing Seagulls sponsorship opportunities shortly.

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